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How to stay healthy (naturally) - a free PDF download

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Is it just me, or is the current narrative ‘project fear’?

I have learnt a lot about fear and the nervous system these last few years whilst healing from thyroid disease. One of the biggest factors in autoimmune disease is stress. In fact, stress is one of the leading causes of all disease. Many people are going about their daily lives with their ‘fight-or-flight’ response activated permanently. It doesn’t switch off. I realised that this was me - my body just didn’t feel safe and it was in a constant state of alert. Even though this was just my body trying to protect me, it was preventing me from healing. You see, the body can only heal when it is in ‘rest and digest’ mode. This is the opposite of ‘fight-or-flight’ mode. When the body feels safe, it can then focus on jobs such as growth and repair, as well as cleaning out old, mutated cells.

So when we are fearful or anxious, we are sending fearful and anxious messages to our cells. Our thoughts are always talking to our cells. They are either telling them to heal or not. This is why it is SO important to carve out time for rest and relaxation throughout each and every day, surround ourselves with positivity and learn to be present and regulate our emotions.

I had worked so hard on ‘retraining’ my nervous system to be in ‘rest and digest’ for the majority of the time. I felt the benefits straight away. I couldn’t believe how much difference calming my nervous system made to my health.

But of course, then this ‘project fear’ started. I naively thought that maybe at some point the government would start to look at informing people how to boost their immune system and how to stay as healthy as possible throughout this time. But no, it never happened. Instead, all there has been is a constant barrage of fear-mongering from the media, and telling people what they CAN’T do. Stay away from people, stay indoors, wear a mask, use an incessant amount of chemical hand sanitiser, be frightened of everyone you come into contact with.

I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing and seeing. Scaring people is certainly not going to help protect them from anything.

I got so fed up of seeing 'crime-scene' tape everywhere and posters stuck up saying 'DO NOT DO THIS' and 'STAY AWAY'. It's so scary. Subconscious messaging (such as imagery, posters etc we walk past every day) has a massive impact on our state of mind. If we are seeing fearful messages around us 24/7, then these will start to seep into our subconscious mind. As mentioned above, being in a state of fear is like switching off the immune system.

Dr Bruce Lipton said that ‘the most dangerous part of COVID-19 is fear' - view his interview on London Real about this topic here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkQqxkf6heA

Surely we all need our immune systems functioning as best they can right now? 

I live in an apartment block, and everywhere I turn there are these scaremongering posters - on the notice boards and walls. But none of them mention how to be or stay healthy.

So, I decided to make an alternative poster which I am going to print out and put up next to every single scaremongering poster. I think that we should be promoting common sense health. We should be promoting how we can all boost our immune system heath. This guide covers the basics of living holistically. It covers the basics of lifestyle medicine. Quite frankly, many of the rules that have been given to ‘protect’ us are, in my experience, actually the opposite of what is good for our health.

If you’d like a holistic health guide too with common sense 'how to stay healthy' tips (full colour and ready to print!), fill out the form below to get it in your inbox!

I have made a 'how to stay healthy' graphic for Instagram too, so please feel free to repost and share that one - find me@my_thyroid_love

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