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Hacking your subconscious: My experience with Psych-K therapy

Updated: May 11, 2020

I first heard about Psych-K, after coming across one of Bruce Lipton’s speeches on his book ‘The Biology of Belief’. I always knew a bit about the mind-body connection, and the serious side effects that stress can have on the body. But I had no idea exactly how much we are in control of our health by the way that we think!

At the beginning of my healing journey I was doing everything ‘practical’ to heal. And by practical, I mean, changing my diet, swapping all my beauty and cleaning products for non-toxic ones, filling my flat with air-cleansing plants, drinking pure filtered water, exercising, getting enough sleep, etc. All of this got me a hell of a long way on my healing journey, without a doubt. BUT, I soon got to a point where my health plateaued. It didn't occur to me back then that I also needed to pay attention to the mental and spiritual side of wellbeing too.

According to Bruce Lipton, our conscious mind is only responsible for 5% of our thoughts (and therefore our lives). The remaining 95% (YES, 95%!!!??) is coming from our subconscious mind. Between the ages of 0-7, we are absorbing and learning behaviours, beliefs and therefore formulating programmes, from everyone around us. Many of these can be quite negative, and we can end up making the wrong decisions in life because of them. Therefore, if we want to change our lives, we not only need to change our programmes in our conscious mind, we need to change them in our subconscious too. This is something that Psych-K is especially good for if you want fast results, and even recommended by Bruce Lipton himself. It is a form of 'super-learning', a belief-change modification which uses energy psychology. It is said to re-write a subconscious belief in 5-10 minutes.

"Your life is a print-out of your subconscious programme. What are you now and what are you missing?"- Bruce Lipton

I came armed to my Psych-K session with a list of beliefs which I felt were still giving me some resistance in life. As Bruce Lipton said, the way to find out what programmes you need to remove is to look at your life and see what is not working out for you, or what seems to be resisting you despite your efforts. My therapist and I picked one from my list, and from there we pin-pointed a traumatic incident from my childhood which probably caused this belief.

She used muscle-testing to speak to my subconscious - asking it YES and NO questions. If you’ve never heard of muscle testing before, its like what they use in kinesiology. As I understand it, if we make a statement that is true, our muscles will retain strength. If we make a statement that is false, our muscles temporarily weaken or lock up. There is a lot more to it such as energy circuits that run through the body, etc, and it really does make sense. There are a lot of quantum physicists who have done research on this work and can back this up. There are a number of ways to do muscle testing, but we started with resting my hands on my knees. My subconscious was told to lift up a finger. This finger was ‘responsible’ for this particular belief in my mind. When this finger lifted, it represented a YES. When another finger lifted, it represented a NO. She then worked through a process which broke down that belief and allowed that part of me to be free and take on a new ‘role’ - a positive role. This was all done with the permission of my subconscious. And how do you know if your subconscious has taken the belief on? Because at the end of it, she would ask it if it had let go, and the YES finger would lift, not the NO.

"Your subconscious programmes aren't you - they are other people" - Bruce Lipton

I must admit that after removing the first belief, I didn’t really feel that different. I felt calm, but not massively relieved or anything like that. What really struck me though was the next one. She asked me, ‘How would you feel if the part of your mind that was responsible for that particular belief was gone?’, ‘How would you feel if that part broke?’. I then began to think about it, and then said, ‘I would feel relieved.’ She then simply stated, ‘That part is going to leave you when I click my fingers’. She clicked her fingers, and told me ‘It’s gone. It is gone forever.’ For a few seconds, I didn’t really feel anything. Then out of nowhere I just began to get tearful. I cried and cried, and couldn’t stop. I must have cried for a good 15 minutes. I had this overflowing feeling of relief. She then passed me some essential oils to smell, and within another ten minutes I felt as if I had really let something go, and I felt my body lighten. It was just the best feeling; I just couldn't stop smiling. That concluded the session. For my homework, I was given an essential oil blend especially for me, (picked by my subconscious of course, through muscle testing) which I am to meditate with twice a day for two weeks.

I will have to wait and see how I am feeling in two weeks time. I have to nurture my new beliefs and make sure that the little ‘seeds’ are being watered and well-fed. I am so excited to see the results and can’t wait to carry on progressing further in my healing journey. Only time will tell if this is a major breakthrough for me, or whether I still have some negative beliefs left to re-programme. Either way I am so grateful for this treatment, and also for Bruce Lipton for sharing his knowledge and getting it out there for all of us to benefit from. For now, I am feeling good, and so I would recommend it to those who’d like to give it a try.

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